Support Battalion

"A" Company- Admin, "B" Company-Medical, "C" Company-Supply, "D" Company-Maintenance

Special Troops Battalion

Headquarters, Casper, 17th Cavalry, Rangers, Engineers, 172d MI, 39th Scout Dog, 534th Signal, MP's

June 1, 2000 (87).gif (43597 bytes)

Paul Runyan at    B Med

June 1, 2000 (88).gif (39760 bytes)

Paul Runyan

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PFC George Wetzell & General Cunningham @ 67 Evac Hosp 06/70

2nd squad,
2nd Platoon of 173rd Engineer Co. in early '67.  From left to right: Paul
Swedenborg, Dale Morgan, James Nelson and Mike Newton

Riggers from 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) rig pallet for Container Delivery System (CDS) Drop by CV-2 (Caribou) Vietnam, 29-31 July 1966
(US Army Sp Photo Det, Pacific SFC Gilbert L. Meyers)

Tim McNally 69-71

'Timothy Cloonan'

'Timothy Cloonan'


Still on active duty (Sept 2003)

51st Chemical Det

Mission ..

herbicide spray...

Agent Orange??


unknown, Johnson, Percy Barefoot, Dean Cloud, unknown, and Rich Granger.


Truitt, Granger, Apadaca, Poncho, and Sundance.  


CID Team

North English Squad

North English Squad

Pevey was DEROSING out



at LZ English