How To Submit a Photo
1. What better want to share memories and in the process maybe contact an old buddy or make a new friend. Photos I will accept are of you and your buddies, not you and them on RR, etc. I prefer military action photos.  I will not accept or post numerous photos of one individual or of local tourism photos. Obvious gory photos will be at my discretion. 

2. E-mail the scanned photo to me ( in an E-mail message or attached to an E-mail message. Please include your name, E-mail address and Info on the Photo (names of people i.e. Sgt Smith, Pvt Jones), Unit (A/503, E/17 Cav), Place taken (Okinawa, Nam, Ft. Campbell, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan), date taken (1968, 1972).

3. Please try and keep the photo scan size to 72 DPI.

4. I will try and post the photos as soon as they arrive, but be patient.

5. If you are unable to have a photo scanned, no problem, just mail it to me (at the below address) along with a return self address envelope. I'll scan it, post it and mail it back to you ASAP.

6. By submitting a photo, you are;

    a) Giving permission to the to post it on this or other airborne sites, or they can be used in 173rd publications, calendars, books. 

    b) You are stating that you are the sole owner of the photo and or have permission to submit the photo(s). 

    c) Basically all photos them go into public domain  (I cannot  guarantee that any one will not copy and use them).

James Bradley


5640 Wellfield Road


New Port Richey, FL 34655