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A Adm, H Co., MP  Co.,

172 M.I. Det, Sig Bn, 404th RRU, 46th PID, 534th Sig, 39th Scout Dog

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FNG's looking the wrong way is PRINCE 5A07. He is easily identified by the scar on his right hip from a bullet wound sustained in November 1966. “On 14 January 1967, SP/4 Peters and scout dog Prince 5A07 of the 39th Scout Dog Platoon, 173rd Airborne Brigade, were on a search and destroy operation in the “Iron Triangle” when Prince alerted on a concealed tunnel entrance at 30 meters. RESULTS: 100 pounds of rice, four radio sets, medical supplies, 40 antitank mines, 160 pounds of explosives, and 2,400 blasting caps were captured and destroyed”

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