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Casper Platoon

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Casper 721 after it had been shot down Dec. 11, 1968 NE of An Khe, near "Happy Valley"
AC- CW2 Walt (Sugar Bear) Henderson, PP- LT Clifford White, CC- SP4 Ned Costa and DG- John Steen





Gary Irwin

Jan. 69-May 69

Steve Spencer Door
Gunner standing next
to CW2 Jim Boswell
at LZ English 1969



E-3 Gary Irwin door gunner Casper Platoon 1969

Life Magazine April 25, 1969 ,  General Abrams,  E-3 Gary Irwin is the door gunner

Radio Research Detachment (we were your back door neighbors) Sp/4 Albert K. Sweeney

SP4 Tom Iverson with brother Cpt David Iverson meeting in Da Nang
May 1970

SP4 Jim Small, Door Gunner sitting with his dog in front
of  his hootch at LZ English 1969

Sp5 George Heczko and Sp4 William Vincent, Casper Control
LZ English 1969

Don Armstrong Casper Platoon Door Gunner 1970 LZ English

Chinook    LZ English 1970

Sp4 Tony H. Simmons "TOC" Casper Control 1969

D8 Dozer LZ English 1970

15 Barrels Phugas dropped out of Flipper 19072

LZ English 1970

Huey that took some direct hit from mortar rounds April
1970 LZ English.


Sp5 Tony H. Simmons and Major Willards jeep "SKY KING" LZ
English 1970.

Major Haviland standing on his front portch, Casper
Control LZ English 1969

Phugas dropped on a tunnel entrance, 19 VC inside, the hottest day of their life tiger Mountains near LZ      

Sp5 Roy Kellogg and Sp4 Tony H. Simmons  LZ English 1969

Sp4 Tony Simmons, Sp4 Joe Wolan, Sp5 George Heczko  LZ
English 1969.


Sp5 Tony Zupanzic Casper Platoon LZ English 1969.

Crew Chiefs and Gunners were Bob Bowen, Matsumoto, Cunningham, Pritchard,
Zak, Mackey and  Joe fields

 first full time Army Recovery Helicopter A/C in Vietnam

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