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Casper Platoon

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Sp5 Michael Caylor filling sandbags for our new wooden

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Pilot WO Gordon Anderson & Crewchief Sp5 Ned Costa at
Lane Army Airfield, An Son 1969.

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1Lt. Cliff White

"Ghost Town" 

LZ English 1968

Ned Costa

W/O Don McKeough (L)

 and Crewchief 

Sp5 Terry Gallagher
LZ English,

Bong Son 1968

Terence Gallagher

CW2 Larry Pippen

socked in at a FireBase

for 3 days. Crew slept

in the Huey. 1968

Casper Crewchiefs Sp5 Terry Gallagher (L) and Terry Little  standing in front of Casper 031. 

LZ English 1968

1LT Don Charlton (L) and CW2 Bill Fielding Qui Nhon  August 1969

Don Charlton

Door Gunner John Steen (L) and Crewchief Ned Costa Standing in front of Casper 721 November 1968

CW2 Walt Henderson after bagging himself a wild pig from the air with an M-16.
West of Tuy Hoa 1968

Walt Henderson

Casper Pilots (L-R) CW2 Kirt Butler, WO Gordon Anderson & CW2 George Clouse "Ghost Town"
 LZ English 1969

Casper LOH Crew wore 

the "Inferno Aero Scout"

patch on their survival

 vestsBob White

Sp5 Jeff Hume &
 Terry Gallagher
share a bottle in their
 new wooden barracks.
LZ English 1969
Terry Gallagher

Enjoying out new wooden barracks (L-R) Crew Members Jim, Small, Ned Coats & Joseph Schils Ghost Town 1969

Casper Pilots outside Officers' Hootch 1969 (L-R) CW2 Larry Pippen, CW2 George Clouse, CW2 Bill Fielding,
Cpt. James Jones, Cpt. Don Charlton & Cpt. Stan Striecher, CO

capser is of one of our D model hueys and could be anywhere in 2 or 3 corps during 1967

Stephen Greene

caspers at tuy hoa is of pilot Lt. Stan Striecker. Once again this is of a D model huey. I also do not recall the gunner and crew chief's names.  1967

echols and powell is of hank echols, pilot in the foreground and powell (I believe a crew chief but possibly a gunner) this photo also in a D model was probably taken at Dak to in the late summer or early fall.  1967

steve greene at dak to is a shot of me, once again in a D model flying AC in the fall at the Dak to airstrip.  1967

Casper OH-13 Bien Hoa 1966  John Hoza

Gary & Bobby Horowitz

Cpt. Joe Cole & Bob Horowitz

Casper Aviation Officer Maj. Bruce Silvey standing  in front of his OH-13  next  to a Korean Sgt. An Khe 1967

Sp5 Ned Costa standing next to Casper 721, Shot down  near An Khe  11 Dec 1968

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