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3/503 Infantry

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503/3d Bat/Bravo Company

Easter 69 mem was taken April 7, 1969 at Bac Loc.  The memorial service is for 11 SkySolders from Lima Platoon who were attacked by an estimated force of 300 NVA troops during the early morning hours of Easter Sunday, 1969.  Names of the 11 brave men are:  SFC Jack Beers, SGT Kenneth Bird, SP4 Robert Mclain Cochran, PFC Peter Jr. Godoy, SP4 John Terry Gray, SP4 Michael Daniel Griffis, SGT Thomas Victor Mitchell, CPL Larry Gene Pyle, SGT Floyd Andrew Deal, SGT Timothy Elden Dye and SGT Milton Larry Kelley. 


7 Apr 1969


7 Apr 1969



Tom Mitchell

B 3/503rd

November 1968 

Photo 1. - "Mike - 69..."
Mike 'Gringo' Parker
C / 3rd / 503rd
Late Summer - 69 / Near Bong Son

"Mike Parker & A Friend"
C / 3rd / 503rd
Summer - 69
Near Bong Son, South Viet Nam

Gerald 'Rusty' Rust
C / 3rd / 503rd   69-70
Republic of South Viet Nam

SP4 Richard




May 1968


Sgt Jacobs

Lt Bill Sproule - KIA

Steve Kelly


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